WOBU - Wynberg Old Boys Union - Our Heritage
Men of Wynberg who Perished for King and Country during the Great War,
1914 - 1918

Our heritage

WWI - Roll of Honour

Abrahams, J.B.
Brodie, E.J.
Carstens, A.K.
Cohen, B.
Duncan, R.
Elliott, C.H.
Elliott, D.
Elliott, E.
Filby, F.A.
Fox, S.
Garrett, E.J.
Garrett, H.J.
Giddey, C.L.
Gordon, C.C.
Graham, R.L.
Greenwood, E.M.
Harcourt, H. L.
Hitchcock, E.W.
Howard, K.T.
Hurlin, J.C.
Hutson, D.B.
Keppel-Jones, N.
Loxton, C.
Lückes, C.R.
Martin, J.R.
Mills, F.J.
Milner, W.H.
Noaks, G.V.
Poole, J.E.
Powell, F.J.
Prins, W.
Sauerman, C.H.
Scott, G.G.
Scott, S.
Short, R.R.
Solomon, W.
Vihan, C.A.
Watters, T.

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Union Officials:

Union Business Manager
Hugh Rowles
Tel: 021 797 2101
Email: hrowles@wbhs.org.za

Manager Bill Bowden Pavilion
Glenda Martindale
Tel: 021 797 2100
Email: gmartindale@wbhs.org.za