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Arno Erasmus
Message from the President
Arno Erasmus, class of 1978

Over the last 5 years your Union has actively supported the high and junior schools, learners at the schools, Old Boys and Old Boys?activities and functions to the extent of R870,946. I have attached a detailed summary of the extent of our financial assistance (download the Sponsor list here) which includes:
  • R100,000 for the refurbishment of Kaplan House
  • R100,000 to the junior school
  • R60,000 to the music department for the purchase of a grand piano
  • R344,500 in fee scholarships
  • R28,745 for a water polo clock and board
  • R36,856 for first team rugby coaching clinics
  • R11,000 to assist a disabled Old Boy
In addition we refurbished the Home of the Wynberg Old Boys (The Bill Bowden Pavilion) at a cost of R 322,934 in 2011 and 2012.

As our school nears its 175th year, the active support of the Wynberg Old Boys is vitally important to preserve the tradition of our wonderful school and its Old Boys worldwide. To maintain our current level of support we appeal to you. We cannot promise to put your name in lights but we can assure you of the dedication of your committee in ensuring the "activeness" of the Old Boys?Union in the day to day activities of our school and of our Old Boys?network.

Our goal is to raise R840,000 for the Old Boys?Union; R10,000 for each year since the founding of the Union in 1929.

We ask you to either deposit your donation directly to our bank account, indicating your name and year as the reference, or that you complete the pledge below (click image to view larger version) and email it back to Hugh Rowles, our Business Manager at hrowles@wbhs.co.za. He will then contact you.


Arno Erasmus (1978), Mickey Lumb (1958), Steve Doidge (1990), Mike Smit (1973), Fritz Bing (1952), Paul Barichievy (1976), Abdullah Solomons (2008) and Kevin Musikanth (1996)
In Memoriam: we pause to remember

Since our last newsletter the Union and our School are the poorer for the loss of:

Robert Steyger (1953)
Charles Lumb (1955)
Richard ‘Frankie?Tyson (1977)
Llewellyn Jones (1954)
Hannes van der Merwe (1953)
Hugh MacCallum (1949)
Dirk Lambrecht (1981)
Trelawney Burgoyne (1990)
Brian Dearham (1957)
Gary Cross (1974)
Dave McMeeking (1954)
Myles Spolander (1976)
Open Microphone events
Hugh Rowles
WOBU Business Manager

The Open Microphone series has been well supported with the most entertaining and riveting speakers.
Allister Coetzee with Tank Lanning

Allister Coetzee with Tank Lanning, took the guests through his playing days; coming in from the other side of the political divide; into provincial rugby. He also shared his days as the assistant Springbok coach under Jake White; gave an insight into his vision for Western Province rugby, and the role of schools like Wynberg, in bringing talent through. He also spoke about some of the problems faced by the Union, as regards contracting of players, and how important it is for the winning of trophies, which brings in so much extra money. He explained why certain tactics are employed, how certain sides play the game, and this all brought out an awareness of how tactical and technical the modern game has become. Allister shared with great honesty, and sense of humour.
Morn?du Plessis with Trevor Quirk

Morn?du Plessis with Trevor Quirk
covered his brief cricket career, which was brought to an abrupt end when Barry Richards took his bowling apart at Newlands. He spoke about his time in rugby, and also spoke at length about his involvement in the Sports Science Institute with one of Open Microphone's previous guests, Professor Tim Noakes. Morn?is a man of many achievements and honour, but he remains a humble and inspiring man, who allowed us some insight as to why he has achieved his success. Not to be outdone, Trevor Quirk, added stories of his friendship and association with Morn? and provided many a laugh, with his dry sense of humour and ability to recall incidents and people.
Peter Kirsten with Colin Bryden

Peter Kirsten with Colin Bryden provided a relaxed, well informed and humorous evening. Peter Kirsten is well known to many old boys of that era as an outstanding rugby and cricket player while still at SACS, and then for many years as a fine batsman. Peter played in both eras, as an amateur, where he had to work for a living, and then later as a professional with Derbyshire. He spoke about his career, and what it was like to have played both sports at a time when you could. He is now a commentator with SABC on cricket, having a good insight into the modern game.
Thank you to the following sponsors for supporting our Open Microphone series:

Llew Byrne of Really Great Brand Company
Sebastian Verlaque-Napper of Verlaque Fine Foods
Howard Kahn of WP Rugby (Pty) Ltd
John Bos of Croydon Wine Estates
Bill Brown of Cape Foto
Paul Barichievy

Old Boys?Ladies Committee:

Thelma Rowles, Michelle Magee, Terenia Bloor, Teresa Vlok and Helen Smit.
Wynberg Old Boys?Golf Day at Westlake ?December 2012
Hugh Rowles
WOBU Business Manager

Wynberg Old Boys?Golf Day at Westlake ?December 2012

The Wynberg Old Boys?Union’s fund raising Golf Day was held in perfect weather with a field of 20 four balls. Prizes were awarded down to the 12th position and that would not have been possible without our generous sponsors.

The funds raised from this event will be used for Old Boy initiatives to ensure that the School remains strongly supported through our efforts. Thanks to all who supported the day; also to Jeff Sternslow (1963), the Old Boys?Ladies Committee for their help and to Mickey Lumb for taking the photographs. Thank you to Dalin Oliver (2007) who entertained the guys at the prize giving with a few golfing anecdotes.
Old Boys' Summer Sport ?6th March 2013
Hugh Rowles
WOBU Business Manager

Old Boys?2nd team

This year Summer Sport attracted four cricket sides, three water polo sides, two tennis sides and one basketball side playing against the school teams. Few things revive the Wynberg spirit like the enjoyment of getting back onto the school field with Old Boys to take on the young talent of our current boys at the school.

The banter between Old Boys and School Boys went on for a considerable time. We have captured a few photos below. Thank you to all who helped make the day enjoyable, to Glenda, Tim, Will and Thelma, well done. Thank you to the school boy mom’s for supplying the eats for the cricket teas.

Old Boys?2nd team

Old Boys?2nd team
WOB Water Polo
Hugh Rowles
Manager WOB Water Polo Club

The Old Boys?Water Polo club continues to grow. This year we were able to enter one team in the 2ndleague and one in the 3rdleague. The team in the 2nd league was captained by Travis Kriedemann (1998) and the 3rdleague team was captained by Mike McEwen (1996). We were able to field at least five school boys in each team, exposing them to the tough competition of adult water polo.

Winter League will start shortly so any Old Boys wanting to join the club and help strengthen our sides, please contact Hugh on 021-7972101 or hrowles@wbhs.org.za
Wynberg Old Boys' Squash Club
Jeff Sternslow (1963)

Wynberg Old Boys only have one team playing in the Western Province League. It is hard to believe that this club once yielded twelve teams. The time has certainly come for all the old boys out there playing squash for various other clubs, to return to Wynberg.

The social membership of the club is extremely healthy and continues to grow.

We are also pleased to advise that WOB continues to support school squash by sponsoring the Annual Stayers Tournament. We also sponsor and provide top class coaching for the school. The two coaches are Tom Main and Jonathan Just.

Anyone wishing to join the squash club please contact Glenda Martindale on 021 797 2100 or myself on 021 712 0665 /
082 657 2066 email: caraje@telkomsa.net.
Wynberg Old Boys' Golf
Jeff Sternslow (1963)

Bruce Clark (Grey Old Boy) and JeffWynberg Old Boys Golf is alive and well. On Friday 26th April we hosted the Old Boys from Grey P.E. at Westlake Golf Club. We played for the Clark Shield and prior to this event, both sides had won three times.

However, Wynberg proved to be too strong for Grey, winning by 441 points to 422. The prize giving took place at the Bill Bowden (home of Wynberg Old Boys) and celebration went on well into the night.

Over the last twelve months WOB has beaten SACS on two occasions, as well as having beaten Rondebosch and Bishops in the Quad. Wynberg without doubt, are the holders of the Old Boys?Grand Slam.

Should any old boys out there wish to be on the golf database, please do not hesitate to contact me, Jeff Sternslow 021 712 0665 /
082 657 2066 email: caraje@telkomsa.net.
Old Boys?Sporting Highlights
Hugh Rowles
WOBU Business Manager

Theodore Yach (1976)Theodore Yach (1976)
After successfully swimming the English Channel and being the first person to swim from Cape Town around Robben Island and back in an 11-hour swim, we congratulate Theodore on having recently completed his 70th Robben Island crossing.

Theodore is a partner in a property development company, Zenprop; chair of the Cape Town Heritage Trust and part founder of Cape Town Central City Improvement District. Theodore’s Book, an autobiography, "In my Element", was launched in July last year.
Nic Molyneux (2004)
Congratulations to Nic Molyneux (3rd from right) on being selected to represent SA in water polo, against the USA team in March this year.

Nic Molyneux (2004)

Nic Molyneux (2004) and Jules Vincent (2003)
Congratulations again to Nic and Jules on being selected for the WP Men’s water polo team.
Rhett Halkett (Capt.)Rhett Halkett (Capt.) (2004), Craig Haley (2002), Lloyd Norris-Jones (2004) and Jonty Robinson (2004)
Congratulations to these Old Boys who were selected to take part in the World League Round 2 Tournament in Rio.
Jason Smith (2012) and David Bedingham (2012)Jason Smith (2012) and David Bedingham (2012)
Congratulations to the two ‘young?Old Boys who represented the SA U19 ODI team against England earlier this year.
Old Boy News

The Wynberg Old Boys Flag summits Kilimanjaro for the first time
Arno Erasmus (1978)

Kilimanjaro, at 5,895 meters above sea level is the highest mountain in Africa, the highest free-standing mountain in the world, one of the official seven wonders of Africa, one of the "Seven Summits", the second highest volcanic summit in the world and the fourth most prominent peak in the world. Table Mountain at its highest point is 1,086 meters which pretty much makes Kilimanjaro close to six times its height.

In September last year, in a moment of "brain-freeze" I decided that my son, Dean (at WBHS for 2009 to 2011), and I, should climb Kilimanjaro. My fears of succumbing to altitude sickness with nasty names like HAPE (high altitude pulmonary oedema) and HACE (high altitude cerebral oedema) were enforced when I consulted a cardiologist (to ensure everything was in order under the hood) who related the story of an associate who the previous year had attempted the climb with his son and tragically died on the mountain.

The concerns never left us but we set about climbing various parts of Table Mountain over the next four months including a few trips up and down Jacobs Ladder in St James.

Shortly before leaving I received a sms from Steve Doidge (former president of the WOBU) casually throwing it out there that I should take the WOBU flag up with me. Great idea but it simply increased the pressure for success.

We took the Machame route which starts at 1,800m in Moshi town in Tanzania (about 45 minutes drive from Kilimanjaro airport) and over the next 5 days tracked a slow ascent route to Barafu base camp at 4,600m, walking between 3 and 6 hours each day. "Pole Pole" (slowly slowly) is the motto to minimise altitude sickness and this approach was successful with Dean and I. Yes, we experienced nausea, headaches and shortness of breath but it was all manageable.

At midnight on the 5th day we commenced our attempt for the summit. The climb was tough and both Dean and I experienced nausea and a pretty hectic shortness of breath but, after seven and quarter hours of "up" we summited at 7.15 am on the morning of the 14th March. It was made all the more special by Dean celebrating his 18th birthday on the summit.

After a slow descent of four hours to base camp we still had to push on to High Camp, two hours away, which meant we spent thirteen hours on our feet for summit day. It was a fantastic experience and it was an honour, as President of the Wynberg Old Boys?Union, to fly our flag on the summit of this great mountain.
Glen Hartmann (2008)Glen Hartmann (2008)
Glen Hartmann is a local Cape Town musician with a passion for different styles of music. This indie folk/synth musician has performed alongside big South African acts such as Jack Parow, Isochronous and Ashtray Electric at many well-known venues in Cape Town. He has also performed live on many local radio stations such as 2 Oceans Vibe Radio and Assembly radio and his music has been played on 5fm, East Coast Radio and KFM.

At the beginning of 2012 Glen participated in the Paco Rabanne "Be a rockstar" competition, where he performed at UCT. His music video for The Sign received the most votes which gave him the title of "Crowd Favourite". Towards the end of last year Glen made his way into the top 10 of the Barleycorn Music Club’s Songwriters competition.

2013 has been a great year for Glen so far ?he ended off 2012 and began 2013 with a tour to Durban; he was featured on 5fm's Rocking the Republic and less than a month later his song "I don't breathe" was featured as a Treffer on 5fm which received a score of 90% 'hot'; he performed live on The Expresso Show on SABC 3 and just over a week later performed on Hectic Nine 9 on SABC 2. The rest of this year will focus mainly on tours outside of Cape Town with some of South Africa's finest musicians. The first stop was a music festival outside of Durban, called Splashy Fen.

Glen is a final year law student at UCT and a budding musician.
He was recently interviewed on the SABC 3 Expresso morning show.
Ian Melliar (1978)Ian Melliar (1978)
A huge honour and well earned recognition for Wynberg's 'own' Ian Melliar in his nomination for the FINA World Champs! Congrats Ian and thank you for all you do for Wynberg water polo!
Mickey Lumb (1958)


The Seniors?Tea was once again held at the junior school with over 40 in attendance. Tea and snacks with compliments of Chris Hart and his ladies, were enjoyed by all.

The guests all in good spirit and health reminisced about their Old School and teachers. The quad seems to get smaller each year as we get older. All present completed their schooling before the High School was relocated. Great memories.
News from Wynberg Boys' High

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Hugh Rowles
Welcome from the Editor:
Hugh Rowles, WOB Business Manager

Welcome to the first edition of our 2013 Wynberg Old Boys' Union Online Newsletter.

The year has already started off on a busy note. Thanks to Paul Barichievy, our Open Microphone series has already had two very interesting speakers, namely Peter Kirsten and Bob Skinstad. More details on these events below.

For our more Senior Old Boys, the Seniors Tea was once again held at the junior school with over 40 in attendance. Tea and snacks with compliments of Chris Hart and his ladies, were enjoyed by all.

A very successful Old Boys vs. School Summer Sport was held on the 6th of March. This year the event included the naming of the Algie Pavilion at the Jacques Kallis Oval. Rowan Algie was headmaster from 1984 to 1992. He is an ardent cricket follower and was the initiator of the cricket oval and clubhouse hence naming of the pavilion after him. The 1st teams were treated to a lunch in the Bill Bowden by Keith Richardson. This was much appreciated by the teams.

The annual Grey weekend took place at home on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th June. This year history was made when our 1st XV beat Grey at home, 19-15. Visit the school’s website for all the news.

These are some of the exciting opportunities available for you to remain involved with your old school and the Old Boys?Union. We challenge you all to become more involved within the Union, to further the reputation of this legendary school and to grow the Union further.


AGM ?15th May
The Quad Golf Day ?Friday 18th October
Annual Dinner ?Wednesday 21st August

The following years will be celebrating their reunions; 1943, 1953, 1963, 1973, 1983, 1988, 1993, 2003 and 2008. Please contact me should you require any information regarding these events.


The database is an on-going project where we have approximately 60% of our 7610 members on email. Please mail me with any changes to your contact details.

Committee 2013

Some of this year’s Old Boy Committee Members, photographed in the upgraded Bill Bowden Pavilion.


Please use our FaceBook group to stay up to date with Old Boys' news.

New WOBU golf shirts and caps available for sale at the Bill Bowden.

This shirt is a new comfortable stream-lined design. The shirts R99 each and the caps R39 each.

Contact Glenda, 021 797 2100 or gmartindale@wbhs.org.za

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