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Arno Erasmus
Message from the President
Arno Erasmus, class of 1978

To my fellow Wynberg Old Boys, thank you for allowing me the honour of heading up the greatest Old Boys' Union in the country. I have the pleasure of succeeding Steve Doidge who, after two years of dedicated service as President, decided to "retire" but, fortunately for the Union, continues to serve on the committee. As the school heads towards its 175th anniversary year I am constantly reminded of how our school has matured into a school of first choice for young South African men. Under the management of the best headmaster in the country, Keith (I still battle to address him by his first name, having been taught by him in 1977/78) has maintained and developed traditions and values that give true meaning to "Brothers in an Endless Chain". The quality of young men in our school is remarkable and gives me great hope for the future of this country (given the many negatives we are faced with from some of the current generation of leaders in South Africa).

We are blessed with a dedicated team on the committee which has formed a constant and closely knit group over the last 5 years. The result has been a Union run on sound business principles serving and supporting our "customers" (Old Boys, The Schools (High and Junior), Pupils and the extended Wynberg Community). Both Headmasters sit on our committee while I sit on the School Governing Body which serves to integrate the activities between the three bodies.

Our primary goal this year, through the renovation of the Bill Bowden Pavilion (BBP), is to cement a real home for all Old Boys and to encourage its use by wives, teachers and parents. We will be commencing with the renovation on the 19th of June. The first phase of the renovation will concentrate on the interior with the second phase focusing on the covering and development of the patio. Some further goals are to finalise our membership list to include all Old Boys since the birth of the school (including deceased members), with an ongoing goal of obtaining current email or contact details for all members. In addition we will be ensuring that only wine produced by Wynberg Old Boys is sold at the BBP, build on the success of the Squash Club, develop the Water Polo Club and examine the opportunity to establish a Tennis Club. We will endeavour to improve our communication with our members and invite you to mail our business manager, Hugh Rowles, email hrowles@wbhs.org.za with your latest contact details.

To enable us to continue our financial support of the schools (across all four pillars), pupils (in the form of scholarships), and old boys we will need to embark on a general fundraising exercise and the committee is presently studying a number of ideas for implementation this year to facilitate this.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions you might have, negative or positive, and I look forward to you mailing me at arno@asainc.co.za. I urge you to check out our website at www.wobu.org.za and see what is happening with the Union and the Schools.

Welcome to our third online edition,
Arno Erasmus
In Memoriam: we pause to remember

Since our last newsletter the Union and our School are the poorer for the loss of:

Victor Cooke (1963)
Sam Mieny (1975)
Neil Salt (1987)
Cecil Bloch (1947)
William Wilson (1948)
Kevin Price (1985)
Mike Meintjes (1950)
James Cole (1959)
Frank Duk (1953)
Desmond van Breda (1975)
Peter Edwards (1977)
Roger Jowell (1958)
Michael Finberg (1965)
Grant Doran (1973)
Olaf Wallander (1958)
Music at the Manor
Hugh Rowles
WOBU Business Manager

Music at the ManorMusic at the Manor, took place on Sunday 19th February 2012 on the beautiful lawns of Kaplan House on the Silverhurst Estate.

Our Music Department represented by the Steel Band - Keenan Oliphant, Concert Band - Peter Catzavelos and the Jazz Band - Morgan King entertained the guests in what was possibly one of the hottest days of the year. The shady trees and umbrellas helped keep the guests cool whilst listening to some amazing music.
Old Boys' Summer Sport
Old Boys' Summer Sport
Hugh Rowles
WOBU Business Manager

This year the event took place on 7th March.

Summer Sport attracted four cricket sides, three water polo sides, two tennis sides and for the first time in many years; one basketball side playing against the school teams. Few things revive the Wynberg spirit like the enjoyment of getting back onto the school field with Old Boys to take on the young talent of our current boys at the school.
WOB Waterpolo
WOB Waterpolo
Hugh Rowles
WOBU Business Manager

Summer League has just finished where we reached the semi-finals in the Bowl Competition. We lost to a strong UCT side who went on to win the bowl. Winter League has started where we l have two teams entered, the second side being the school's first team, who will play in the first part of the Summer League in order to maintain their fitness for the start of their season.

Any Old Boys wanting to play please contact Hugh on 021-7972101 or email hrowles@wbhs.org.za
Wynberg Old Boys' Squash Club
Jeff Sternslow (1963)

Wynberg Old Boys' Squash Club was started in 1975 with just one league team. The squash club is the oldest Old Boys' sports club in Cape Town. Between 1980 and 1992 the Squash Club had 12 league sides and was at that stage the most successful squash club in the Western Cape.

Squash as a sport is on the decline and Western Province leagues are down by 50% compared to what there were in the 90's. Contrary to the trend the social side of Wynberg's squash club is certainly on the up.

Ms Glenda Martindale must also be thanked for all her hard work in running with the social sides.
Wynberg Old Boys' Squash Club
Wynberg Old Boys' Golf
Jeff Sternslow (1963)

All is alive and well with the Old Boys' Golf.

Each year we have a match against SACS and on the 16th March we crossed swords with them again at Westlake. SACS have a new regime in place and were determined to take back the shield that has been in the Wynberg domain for 10 years. This was not to be as we won again this year.

The quad tournament was played between Wynberg, SACS, Rondebosch and Bishops last year and we managed to tie with Bishops in first place from a last place the previous year.
The Bill Bowden
The Bill Bowden
Glenda Martindale, Manager


The Bill Bowden Pavilion was opened at the end of March 1990 by Mr Mendel Kaplan. It was built mainly through donations from the Old Boys, the most substantial being from Mr Kaplan himself, and serves the school, the students, current and past parents, the Old Boys and their guests.

The pavilion is operated by the Old Boys' Committee and managed by Glenda Martindale. Income generated by the pavilion is fed back to the school in various ways via sponsorships, upgrading of sports facilities, purchasing of sports and cultural equipment etc.

It is extremely gratifying to see that the Old Boys are continuing to take a huge interest in their pavilion. The very generous response to the BBP Appeal on the night of the Old Boys' Dinner will ensure that much needed alterations and upgrading can be done faster than first envisaged.
ArnÓ Erasmus
From the Treasurer's Desk
Arnó Erasmus, class of 1978

TREASURER'S REPORT - (As presented at the 2012 Annual General Meeting)

I have pleasure in presenting the financial report for the year ended 31st December 2011 for the Wynberg Old Boys' Union.
From the Headmaster's Desk
From the Headmaster's desk
Keith Richardson

Lengthy New Year festivities were cut short as the 2011 Matric Results were sent to schools on 5 January. We were reasonably pleased with our results - especially with Adi Wiegman who achieved 7 Subject Distinctions. There were little cameos - seven of the top ten Wynberg boys all played first team sport. This really encourages us in our belief that this school turns out holistic boys - i.e. young men who are not 'just sportsmen' or 'just academics'.
Old Boys' Sporting Highlights
Old Boys' Sporting Highlights
Hugh Rowles
WOBU Business Manager
Old Boy News

Arthur Preston (1990), currently the headmaster of Elkhanah House Junior and Dr Derek Yach (1973), senior vice president for global health and agriculture policy at PepsiCo.
Monthly lunch club meet at Delikat Restaurant
Monthly lunch club meet at Delikat Restaurant
Mickey Lumb (1958)

Lunch Club Old Boys' and wives enjoying the Sunday lunch at the beautiful Delikat Restaurant, Helshoogte recently.

For over 20 years Pat Simons (1953) and Rowan Algie have organised monthly lunches for Old Boys' who left Wynberg in the 1940's and 50's and former staff.

About 20 Old Boys' meet on the last Friday of each month to enjoy a light lunch and share memories of their school days at Wynberg.

The first lunch of the year includes wives and is usually held on a farm in the beautiful Stellenbosch area on a Sunday.

It would be great if other groups could organise regular meetings of old school friends for lunch or snacks after work at the Bill Bowden Pavilion - Ed.
News from Wynberg Boys' High
News from Wynberg Boys' High

Hugh Rowles
Welcome from the Editor:
Hugh Rowles, WOB Business Manager

Welcome to our 3rd edition of the Wynberg Old Boys' Union Online Newsletter. We would like to thank Garreth Bloor for his contribution to the Old Boys' Union and the time and effort spent compiling the 1st and 2nd Editions of the newsletter. The torch however has been passed. My office is situated in Kaplan House, conveniently next to the Eric Tasker Museum, which is open from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. weekdays. The museum's new curator, Neil Veitch also teaches at the high school.

From Old Boys' sporting events, to Old Boys' Reunions, the Union is very much "Alive and Kicking" as they say... made up of a unique yet multi-cultural, diverse yet united, old yet young at heart group of gentlemen who continue to build upon the pillars and reputation that joins us as one, that is of course Wynberg Boys' High School.

Since the last newsletter, there have been numerous events which have taken place - The Old Boys' Dinner, Founders week, Old Boys' Winter Sports, Old Boys' Debating, the AGM and Reunions to mention a few; all of which took place in 2011. One event which took place at the end of August last year was the Old Boys' rugby matches against the matric school teams. There were three teams which played and all the games were played in good spirit with the scores being of little concern. These are just a few of the highlights whilst having a closer look into the "heart' of Wynberg.

We have had a busy start to 2012 with Robin Jackman and Rassie Erasmus being our first two guests in our 2012 Open Microphone series. Thanks go to committee member Paul Barichievy for engaging such interesting speakers. This followed with Music at the Manor which took place on the rolling lawns of Silverhurst. Seniors' Tea was held at the junior school in the quad where this year in excess of 35 Old Boys enjoyed tea and snacks with compliments of Chris Hart and his ladies. Summer Sport attracted four cricket sides, three waterpolo sides, two tennis sides and for the first time in many years; one basketball side playing against the school teams.

We challenge you all to get more involved within the union, to further the reputation of this legendary school and grow the Union further.


The Annual Dinner takes place on Wednesday 22nd August. The following years will be celebrating their reunions; 1942, 1952, 1962, 1972, 1982, 1987, 1992, 2002 and 2007. Please contact me should you require any information regarding this event.

Golf Day at Westlake on Friday 19th October. Please contact me if you would like to take part in this bi-annual event. This will be an opportunity to organise a 4-ball, sponsor holes or donate prizes.

Open Microphone on Wednesday 13 June with Vince van der Bijl and Colin Bryden as M.C.


The database is an ongoing project where we have approximately 60% of our 7429 members on email. Please mail me with any changes to your contact details.


Please use our FaceBook group to stay up to date with Old Boys' news.

New WOBU golf shirts and caps available for sale at the Bill Bowden.

This shirt is a new comfortable stream-lined design. The shirts R170 each and the caps R60 each.

Contact Glenda, 021 797 2100 or gmartindale@wbhs.org.za

Union Officials:

Union Business Manager
Hugh Rowles
Tel: 021 797 2101
Email: hrowles@wbhs.org.za

Manager Bill Bowden Pavilion:
Glenda Martindale
Tel: 021 797 2100
Email: gmartindale@wbhs.org.za

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