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Steve Doidge
Message from the President
Steve Doidge, class of 1990

"Brothers in an endless chain." The phrase has always been action more than an ideal. We've quietly moved into a new decade and its worth reflecting that as we've done so, we've been met with great success. Our boys at school and those who've passed through the union's welcome and into the world are doing great things. Not least of them can be seen in the number of young Old Boys who've quickly returned to Wynberg giving back and serving as role models. They are the new generation of teachers, coaches and assistants and I am certain the endless chain is going from strength to strength because of them.

Little needs to be added to the strong academic reputation the school is forging ahead within the midst of some legendary sporting success that is often captured in the media and followed closely by Old Boys around the world.

We know the union exists for the school and we are committed to growing our support for Wynberg with every passing year. While it seems usual for any organisation to support a worthy cause when we can foresee success, we've been positively stretched when looking at the state of a world class Cape school like Wynberg. There is literally no area of the school that does not look incredibly promising.

Top academic results commended by government have caught up to the legacy of sporting excellence. Now culture is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Where once music in a boys' only school was hardly a top way to gain popularity, the staff at Wynberg have turned arts and culture into a thriving activity - attracting audiences and accelerating across the country.

It is more than safe to say that where Wynberg attempts, Wynberg succeeds. For us at the union, that means an even greater mandate to support the growing success of the school. Yet for each of us members, it spells enormous enjoyment. Old Boys with their family and friends can now enjoy a growing offering of sports events, talks, musical performances and theatre. Our current crop of boys are excelling - and our union members are invited to share in the success.

Use this newsletter and our website to stay in touch with what is happening; gain reviews and insights into the state of the school and maintain the link in the chain of the global Old Boys' family.

Welcome to our second online edition,
Hugh's Corner: A Message from the WOBU Business Manager
Hugh's Corner
Hugh Rowles, WOB Business Manager

The first three months of the year have been very eventful. We have had two Open Microphone events, Music at the Manor and Old Boys' Summer Sport.

With the year flying by, nearly three months down, it remains for me to bring your attention to the following events on the Old Boy's Calendar:
  • Old Boys' Dinner - 24th August 2011 - Venue Clegg hall, Wynberg Boys' High. The following years will be celebrating their reunions; 1961, 1971, 1981, 1986, 1991, 2001 and 2006. Please contact me should you require any information regarding the reunions.
  • Founders Day - 26th August 2011 - Venue Clegg hall, Wynberg Boys' High.
  • Melodrama 6th, 7th & 8th October 2011 - Venue Clegg hall, Wynberg Boys' High.
This will be the 2nd Melodrama produced by the Old Boys, and planning starts within the next few weeks. If you would like to be part of the cast of this exciting production please contact me on 021 797 2101 or hrowles@wbhs.org.za. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to take part in any of these events.

Remember to inform us if you change your email address, so that we can keep you in touch with the happenings of the union.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and look forward to receiving your news for our next edition.
In Memoriam: we pause to remember
Mickey Lumb
Vice President Wynberg Old Boys' Union

Since our last newsletter in November 2010 the Union and our School are the poorer for the loss of:

Lester Maiser (1957)
Neil Hare (1980)
Phil Cloete (1955)
Sam Mieny (1975)
Steve Burt (1978)
Music at the Manor
Music at the Manor
Hugh Rowles
WOBU Business Manager

The ever popular - Music at the Manor, took place on Sunday 20th February 2010 on the beautiful lawns of Kaplan House on the Silverhurst Estate.

The Music Department of Wynberg Boys' represented by the Steel Band, Concert Band and the Jazz Band and a guest appearance of Marco Titus class of 2010 entertained the guests who were seated under parasol umbrellas kindly donated by Touareg Tents.
Old Boys' Summer Sport
Old Boys' Summer Sport
Hugh Rowles
WOBU Business Manager

The summer sport cricket, tennis & waterpolo matches kicked off once again this year in the summer surrounds of the beautiful Wynberg campus.

Our boys played in true Wynberg spirit with the Old Boys coaching the school boys where needed. Another testament to the time and energy many of our past pupils continue to plough back into their alma mater. Judging from the conversation in the Bill Bowden after the matches, the annual games were once again enjoyed by both the Old Boys and school boys alike.
WOB Waterpolo
WOB Waterpolo
Hugh Rowles
WOBU Business Manager

The Wynberg Old Boys' Waterpolo Club is now back in the 2nd league and considering the time frame we are back with a bang as far as our results go.

We played SACS 2A in the quarter finals in a hotly contested game, unfortunately we were not able to go through to the finals. We played Maties 2A in the Plate semi-final and were able to click as a team and beat Maties 11-6. In the Plate final we went down 12-8 to Westerford. What a wonderful achievement to have reached the Plate final after such a short come-back.

Summer league has now finished and winter league starts on the 12th May. If you would like to join the team please contact me.
ArnÓ Erasmus
From the Treasurer's Desk
Arnó Erasmus, class of 1978

In 2007 the committee decided to pursue a goal of running the Union on principled business lines. This was achieved through, among other measures, the establishment of monthly committee meetings, structured financial administration and monthly financial reporting, and the employment of a business manager and a facilities manager. The result today and looking forward is a professionally managed and run OBU structured for maximum benefit to our "customers" (members, the schools and learners).
From the Headmaster's Desk
From the Headmaster's desk
Keith Richardson

I am really thrilled about the matric results last year, which reflect a concerted effort, not only from the academic teachers, but from tutors who have all pulled together to ensure that 'their' charges returned results worthy of the ability. It was great to be invited to Leeuwenhof on Wednesday 12th January by the Premier, Helen Zille, an honour due to the fact that Wynberg is one of the top ten academic schools in the Cape. Very well done to our Director of Academics and his team of Subject Heads, who have insisted on high standards from our teachers and boys.
Fritz Bing Honoured
Fritz Bing Honoured - class of 1952
Hugh Rowles
WOBU Business Manager

Fritz Bing is a Wynberg Boys' High School product to the core. In 1952 he was appointed Head Prefect of the school. His great love in life (apart from Jenny...) has always been cricket and he went on to play eight matches for Western Province. He continued to serve the game in an administrative capacity and later in his career he was elected as President of the Western Province Cricket Union.
Carole England Moving to Aussie
Carole England Moving to Aussie
Mickey Lumb
Vice President Wynberg Old Boys' Union

Carole England who for many years administered the Old Boys Union has been persuaded by her son's Wayne and Gary to join them in Sydney, Australia. Carole left on the 31st March.

Carole, whose late husband Chris (56) was a former President of the Union, was honoured with Honorary Life Membership of the Union for the great effort she put into Union affairs. The England family are the only family in the Union to all be Life Members. Both Wayne and Gary emigrated a few years back.

We trust Carole's move to her family will be happy as we know she leaves many close friends behind. We wish her well in her new home and thank her for all her hard work, support and direction she gave the Union. We trust that once she has settled in to her new home in Sydney we can get our Australian Branch up and running as we have many Old Boys' down under.
The Bill Bowden
The Bill Bowden
Glenda Martindale, Manager

Thank you to all those Old Boys, Parents and Wynberg friends who have supported the Bill Bowden this year.
Wynberg Old Boys' Squash Club 2011
Jeff Sternslow

The squash club this year has two sides playing in Western Province League and have already made an impact by being unbeaten for the first two matches.

There has been a substantial increase in the social membership of our club and booking for a game has now become a pre requisite.

Glenda Martindale is the Manager of this facility and she can be contacted on 021 797 2100 and for those of you who have an interest in playing League, please contact Jeff Sternslow on 082 6572066.
Wynberg Old Boys Golf  2011
Wynberg Old Boys' Golf 2011
Jeff Sternslow

On the 3rd March Wynberg Old Boys once again retained the shield by beating SACS Old Boys at Westlake. It was a truly magnificent team performance.

For those of you who are not on the golf database, please ensure that Jeff Sternslow has your details.

We have received a challenge from the Old Boys of Grey High PE.
This insert is written by Deon Engelke deputy head boy in 1990, at the request of Steve Doidge.
Deon Engelke, deputy head boy in 1990

Deon lives in Port Elizabeth with his wife, a primary school teacher, and their two daughters Kirstie (16) and Jamie-Lee (13) - both of whom will soon be at Collegiate Girls' High School.

He has worked as a journalist and Corporate Communications Manager and now owns a share of a small marketing company there.
Praise for Wynberg schoolboys' manners from an outside perspective
Steve Doidge, President

Having been involved as a volunteer teacher at the school a couple of years ago, as well as my current interaction, the one thing that stands out about Wynberg is the impeccable manners of the pupils. The following letter was received from one of Wynberg's neighbours and it pays testament to this.
Taking Wynberg's Growing Waterpolo Legacy to the World
Nic Molyneux, class of 2004

The South Africa Men's Water Polo Report from Nic Molyneux (2004): A Personal Account

When I was 13 I was selected for the Western Province u14 team; since then I represented every Provincial and National age group team. When I was 16 I was selected for the SA u18B team and the following year I represented the SA u18 team in Australia for an "u18 Tri-Nations Tournament" between South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
Party Down Under: Our Boys Wow Aussie Audiences
Party Down Under: Our Boys Wow Aussie Audiences
Jon Shaban , class of 2004

On the 25th of December 2010, Captain Stu got out of bed and onto a plane bound for Australia in what was to be our first international tour as a band.

With the help of our trusty manager Sophie we'd somehow managed to organise a three week tour comprising of 14 shows, 2 cities, 2 towns and several long distance drives, all with the express purpose of getting our music out there, making valuable contacts and having a tonne of fun while we were at it.
Bloor addresses international humanities congress
Bloor addresses international humanities congress
Garreth Bloor, class of 2005

International podium: Master's student Garreth Bloor delivered two papers at the 9th Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities.

Master's student Garreth Bloor delivered two research papers, on profit and ethics and on entrepreneurship, at the recent 9th Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities. Bloor was one of only two postgraduate students to enjoy a spot at the podium.
Garreth BloorWelcome from the Editor:
Garreth Bloor, class of 2005

Once again the endless chain has continued to boast proud results. While the invaluable good of friendships and bonds that form the fabric of our union, we are without question able to smile with pride at some of the successes.

Our school's matric boys of last year enjoyed the company of high society at the Premier's residence as Wynberg emerged in the top ten academic list of our provinces' finest schools.

Sporting success continued at Newlands with cricket victories, with thousands of Old Boys' catching our current men on the field or national TV.

Back at the union, the Sunset Concert was once again a top event, bringing Old Boys, their families, guests and staff to the graceful outdoors of the headmaster's residence, Silverhurst.

Indications are the union is going strong. A number of upcoming events include the arts, sports and current affairs, whilst Wynberg continues to receive numerous invitations to events of fellow unions.

Interestingly enough, the Wynberg way of education is growing globally when it comes to single sex education; the trend is growing. Boys and girls schools are uncommon in many parts of the world. At a recent US conference earlier this year, numerous teachers in attendance across America are considering - or already have - adopted the practice. Personal discussion on single sex schools shows that the social environment it fosters has been warmly received by many educators. With the US education facing challenges, even US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has made calls to promote the practice.

It has been said that the more things change, the more we should rely on those things that stay the same. As a progressive South African school, supported by a global IT-connected chain of old boys, it's an approach we've unknowingly adopted. Wynberg continues to hold to the best. The legacy that unites us and the best practice that has allowed all who pass its doors provides an unparalleled range of opportunities and skills for a global world.

At the risk of getting too philosophical, all that is left to be said is enjoy this second online edition.


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