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"At morning and evening we will remember them."

Our heritage

The War Memorial Gates

For over 80 years the Memorial Gates have stood solemnly at the entrance to Wynberg Boys' High School - generously donated and built by William Perrow after his son, Jack's, safe return from World War One, the gates continue to symbolise the respect and honour held for those of our own who fell during the two World Wars of the 20th Century.

Originally set at the entrance to the Boys' High School in Cambridge Road (where the Girls' Junior School's Vera Lawton Hall now stands), the Gates were painstakingly removed, stone by stone, and re-erected at the 'new' school in 1980.

Tradition, indeed manners, held that all gentlemen who passed through, to or from the School, would raise their hats out of respect for our 'Glorious Dead'. A tradition enforced severely by Headmaster to Headmaster over the years.

While the original bronze plaques enscribing the names of the fallen were sadly vandalised some years back (they are now secured in the safety of the Wall of Remembrance inside the school), the newer marble plaques record the legend of the Gates and an solemn oath reading:

'Men of Wynberg enter these gates with humility aware of the privileges and responsibilities which this school bestows on you determined to avail yourselves of the opportunities so that you, too, in time may enhance it's reputation.'