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The quotes below are drawn from The Wynberg Boys' High School Magazine, attributed to one 'G.B.' as published in the December 1942 edition.

Our heritage

The School at War: WWI and WWII

'Our Old Boys at the Front are ever in our memory. To the parents of those who have been wounded or captured or have fallen we offer the tribute of our homage and respect.

Eight young lives have been taken since the stern necessity of War caused us to draw up our first Roll of Honour, and two other lives have, we fear, been lost, since the presumption of death is very strong ...'

'Roy Wainwright of the 1936 Junior class has been reported wounded; Robert Lewin, of a very distant date, Cedric Key of 1926, Ben Gelfand of 1931, Frank Vlok of 1930, Garth Mackintosh of 1935, Peter Skeeles of 1936 and Jimmy Graham of the Junior class of 1933 are unfortunately prisoners of war ...'

'After the distinctions awarded to Vernon Prankerd of 1931, Hilary Williams of 1935, who won the M.M. for raiding enemy lines with his motorised unit in a daredevil manner, and to Joshua Macaulay of the Junior class of the same year, we were pleased to hear of the honours which fell to two Old Boys recently, two boys who were inseparable at school in the 1938 class. Bobbie Bleach was promoted from the ranks to Captain on the field, a very great honour, and Alec Solomon was awarded the D.S.C. for his achievement in sinking an enemy submarine in the Mediterranean ...'

'The Magazine wishes to express the pride felt by the school in all its Old Boys, both those to whom these honours have fallen and those who are serving anonymously as mere units in great corporate undertakings ... All may be certain that in the words on the gate,"At morning and evening we will remember them.'

Letters from the Front - as published in The School Magazine, 1944
'from a Prisoner-of-war camp in Germany, writes about the modesty of the Old Boys' Union. Those who know him can picture him, after his return, as the foundation member of a Stalag P.O.W.O.B.U.' DAVID LESLIE:
'My sister and I have eventually arrived in this country after an eventful voyage. We were torpedoed. I had to get into my life-boat and Sheila on a raft as hers was blown up. We were on the water for two and a half days. Of course, we lost all our belongings, and among them was my Senior Certificate.' ROBERT RICHES:
'I am a gunnery instructor, and at present am in charge of the Elementary Gunnery Wing, which is not as elementary as it sounds. It is very interesting work, and this new crowd are very keen. For all that, I am glad I am not a schoolmaster.

The other day in Cairo I met a friend, just repatriated from Italy. He was taken prisoner when Tobruk fell. He told us that the morale of the South African's in the bag (i.d.b.) was 100%. Every prisoner receives a parcel of food a week from the Red Cross, which keeps them going. I have written to Mrs Skeeles and told her about the good health and happiness of our fellows, to make her a little happier about Peter.'

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