WOBU - Wynberg Old Boys Union - Our Heritage
Wynberg Boys High School was formally launched in1841, but opened in 1822. Wynberg Boys' High School stands proudly as one of the 2nd oldest schools in South Africa.

Our heritage

Bill Bowden Pavilion

The walls are hung with Union and School memorabilia; from Jacques Kallis' match jersey, through to photographs of Union personalities past, to original Ginger Townley-Johnson caricature of Headmasters of Wynberg. The Pavilion is well worth a visit.

The Memorial Gates

Erected by Mr Withinshaw to commemorate the safe return of his son from the 'War to End All Wars'. The gates were originally positioned at the Old High School entrance (now WBJS) and were transported to the new entrance off Lovers' Walk.

Wall of Rememberance

The bronze plaques honouring the fallen during the World Wars, which once graced the old swimming pool gate (now the Campus Astroturf), are positioned adjacent to the old Eric Tasker Museum.

The Ryno Greenwall Reading Room

Named after Ryno Greenwall (1950). He left the school with a deep and abiding love for history which he generously credited to Eric Tasker. This extraordinary collection of Anglo Boer War Memorabilia is an ongoing rotating display from what is arguably the finest private collection of its kind in the world. This reading room; made possible by the kind permission of Ryno Greenwall's widow, is situated at the back of the school library.

No visit to the School is complete without this detour.

Silverhurst Manor House

Silverhurst is arguably the oldest manor house on the Wynberg Hill dating back to 1881. A late Victorian era structure, Silverhurst served briefly as a recuperation hospital in the Anglo Boer war.

When first falling into the hands of the school it housed the then Deputy Head, Ray Connellan and his family. Later Silverhurst served to accommodate the junior hostel boys. Extensive renovations were made possible by the generous donation by the Kaplan Kushlick Foundation in acknowledgement of nearly one hundred years of education the Kaplan family received at Wynberg. The Governing Body of Wynberg took the decision to name the residential section, which now houses the Headmaster of WBHS; as Kaplan House as a tribute to the Kaplan family.

Eric Tasker Museum

Named after the legendary history teacher, Eric Tasker, who taught at Wynberg for nearly forty years. The museum has been situated in the school for the past 19 years and has now relocated to Silverhurst.

Past teacher of the school; Johan (Plug) Louw is currently the curator of the museum. The museum not only reflects the successful and famous pupils and old boys, but faithfully chronicles the everyday lives of a normal Wynberg boy.

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Union Officials:

Union Business Manager
Hugh Rowles
Tel: 021 797 2101
Email: hrowles@wbhs.org.za

Bill Bowden Pavilion
Tel: 021 797 2100
Cell: 083 434 1178
Email: gary@blakeysbeans.co.za
Email: hrowles@wbhs.org.za

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